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Drawing on the work of some of the world`s most talented, innovative, and creative brand and product designers, Brand & Branding offers a stunning visual showcase of how design can be used to create brand awareness that speaks directly to the consumer.

Автор: Abellan Miquel,
- 445600 руб.

As Seen On TV! From Apple to VW, the very best of today's television commercials For anyone interested in inventive commercials, this book covers the best contemporary examples from around the world The very best TV commercials are masterpieces of the art, 30- or 60-second films that make us th

- 343900 руб.

The popularity of the television series Mad Men has raised the public awareness of advertising firms and what may or may not happen behind the scenes. We all recognise advertising when we see it: it's those bits that surround the editorial content in papers and magazines, that interrupt TV prog

Автор: Shore Robert,
- 169800 руб.

Здесь другие издания автора: Shore Robert

- 25000 руб.
- 24800 руб.
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- 55800 руб.

Ads in cyberspace: the best campaigns on the web today This second installment in TASCHEN's advertising series joins Advertising Now! Print and the forthcoming Advertising Now! TV Commercials to provide a complete study of commercial communication in the world today. Divided into chapters by su

- 288800 руб.

The art of selling: today's most effective and original ads The world's sharpest creative minds are in high demand in the advertising world, because making effective ads takes a whole lot more than just marketing know-how. A great ad grabs the viewer's attention and gets the point acr

- 275100 руб.

More than 100 examples of big format structures, form billboards to adshels, containing some of the most creative outdoor and ambient campaigns from allover the world.

Автор: Colet Pep Sanabra,
- 321300 руб.

Here comes the 2012 edition of the highly-coveted annual from D&AD featuring the year's best creative work. The D&AD awards panel judges over 20,000 works from design studios, advertising agencies, branding consultancies, film production and photographic agencies, digital media pioneers

- 385000 руб.

The annual D&AD Awards honor outstanding creativity, originality, technical excellence, and innovation in design and advertising. Every year, thousands of entrants submit a host of crazy, beautiful, thought-provoking, sublime and, occasionally, winning entries. Panels of rigorous judges debate,

- 385000 руб.

Здесь другие издания с названием: 'D&AD 50 Years'

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D&AD is a nonprofit educational charity that was launched in 1962 by a group of London-based designers and art directors, with iconic and legendary professionals on both its judging panels and winners lists. By celebrating creative communication and rewarding its practitioners, D&AD raises s

- 385000 руб.

How to make your website work wonders The dos and don'ts of web entrepreneurship Have you ever wondered why your websites didn't quite match up to the success of your competitors or peers? Have you ever looked at other sites and thought: "Why didn't I think of that?" Have yo

Автор: Ford Rob, Wiedemann Julius,
- 96300 руб.

Словарь содержит более 12 000 терминов, понятий, обозначений, сокращений и аббревиатур, используемых в современном рекламном бизнесе, в том числе пришедших из смежных областей - из маркетинга и паблик рилейшнз, масс-медиа и интернет-дизайна, из психологии, социологии, права. В него вошли также выра

Автор: Назайкин Александр,
- 20000 руб.

Издание посвящено журналу "Советский экспорт", выходившему с 1957 по 1989 год на шести языках и распространявшемуся в 120 странах мира. Целью рекламной кампании были не столько успешные продажи товара, сколько демонстрация успехов советской промышленности и преимуществ социалистического ст

- 121400 руб.