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Книга 1000 Стилей Ресторанов Баров, Кафе - коллекция актуальных, ярких,новаторских идей в области дизайна фирменного стиля. В ней представлены объекты самого разного назначения и уровня: от небольших закусочных до заведений мирового класса, от классики до модерна, от этнических стилей до "фэн-ш

Автор: Herriott Luke,
- 198800 руб.

Здесь другие издания автора: Herriott Luke

- 163300 руб.

TASCHEN's new architecture series brings a unique perspective to world architecture, highlighting architectural trends by country. Each book features 15 to 20 architects—from the firmly established to the up-and-coming—with the focus on how they have contributed to very recent architecture in t

Автор: Jodidio Philip,
- 183400 руб.

Prefabricated homes are houses whose parts are produced industrially off-site and assembled on the plot where the house is to stand. Originating as a "cheap" method of building, they have now developed into a good-quality alternative building technique. While the work involved in planning

- 91800 руб.

The emergence of a greater awareness of the environment, the application of new technical knowledge, and the use of traditional construction methods such as orientation towards the sun, are motivating a growing number of owners to have ecological houses built on a small scale. These small eco-houses

- 91800 руб.